Attendance Policy

90% Attendance Policy Requirement Applicable to Athletics 

(Full policy is included in the Student Handbook.) 

Vero Beach High School has adopted a 90% Attendance Policy, which means students must attend 90% of their classes in order to participate in sports. 

The 90% Attendance Policy will be monitored by the total number of classes scheduled per student. All students must attend 90% of their classes. Monitoring will begin on the 30th day of each semester. Scheduled monitoring will take place every ten days of the semester after the first thirty days; random monitoring may be done at any time. Compliance can be achieved on any single day. 

Students who fall below the 90% Attendance Policy will not be permitted to participate in any sports. 

  • Students may participate in practices in preparation for athletic contests even though the student is below the 90% Attendance Policy Requirement
  • Students may not play or participate in interscholastic athletic contests (games, matches, etc.) if the student is below the 90% Attendance Policy Requirement
  • Playing and participating privileges are earned or restored when the student meets the 90% Attendance Policy Requirement
  • Students may attend athletic events as a spectator for the price of admission even though the student is below the 90% Attendance Policy Requirement