Graduation Announcement

Graduation Update

Current Details for VBHS Graduation 2020 on July 10th

Updated 07-09-2020 (updates in red)

Robes are mandatory for morning and afternoon ceremonies.

Added 07-09-2020

Graduates attending the morning ceremony must arrive to the stadium by 8:15AM. Temperature and mask checks will take place upon entering the stadium. Graduates must wear their cap and gown, as well as a masks during this presentation/program, and observe social distancing in the bleacher seating marked with an X designating where each is to sit.

In dealing with our new reality, while at the same time providing our graduates with the opportunity to view the formal graduation ceremony portion(speeches etc.), and cross the stage during “Roll Call” to receive their ceremonial diploma in the traditional manner and in front of their family, these safety measures will be in place:

  • The graduation ceremony including the recognition of school district dignitaries, our Senior Class President’s welcome, principal and superintendent’s addresses, Valedictorian and Salutatorian speeches, recognition of our Top 10 Seniors, our National Merit Finalists, special awards, etc., will be recorded/live streamed and then made available for viewing via all district media outlets, social media platforms, You Tube, and on IRE TV.
  • Special New Addition: After hearing from families and graduates since the changes to graduation occurred due to the steep rise in COVID Cases, Dr. Moore is providing an added provision for the formal graduation (speeches and formal program portion) to be attended live by our graduates only, and viewed from the stadium home side seats and for them to participate in the roll call crossing of the stage at the appropriate time within the morning ceremony. The morning ceremony will officially begin at 9AM on graduation day July 10th. Again, only seniors/soon to be graduates will be allowed to attend this presentation. Graduates attending the morning ceremony must arrive to the stadium by 8:15AM and must wear their cap and gown, as well as a masks during this presentation/program, and observe social distancing in the bleacher seating marked with an X designating where each is to sit. The social distancing is mandatory. Graduates must bring their ID to present at the gate to get into the stadium, and they will be provided a mask to wear as they enter, and they may also wear their own mask. Students may not bring additional items into the stadium. Bags, containers, etc. will not be allowed in the stadium. During the morning ceremony, the roll call of graduates crossing the stage occurs after all of the speeches and special recognitions of the students on stage. Since only graduates are allowed to attend the morning program, for parents and families who wish to see their graduate cross the stage live and in person, the additional evening opportunity roll call to cross the stage during the “drive through roll call” in the Citrus Bowl Stadium will begin at 5PM on July 10th and this event is limited to vehicles carrying one or more graduates. Vehicles must have at least one graduate in them in order to be in the drive thru roll call, and may have more than one. No trailers are allowed and singe vehicles carrying a graduate can be large vehicles, but not longer than 40 feet. Vehicles will enter the Junior/Senior parking lot at the secondary east entrance gate and will be escorted by law enforcement into parking spots and will be kept in the proper order in which they arrive for the short trip over to the stadium keeping that same order. A map of the rout for cars to follow for the evening drive through roll call event will be posted on our school website on Tuesday July 7th. Graduates in the morning and evening programs will receive a name card to write their name on to be read before they cross the stage. They will also receive the card so that they can be identified by the professional photographers taking picture in the morning and in the evening.
  • The Roll Call at 5PM will be a drive through event, whereby only graduates get out of the car at the entrance ramp to the graduation stage. Your vehicle driver will then pull immediately in front of the stage as your graduate crosses the stage (only feet away from your vehicle). Family members will there/then have the opportunity to take photos from the vehicle at the front of the stage, but may not leave the vehicle. No trailers are allowed at the drive through event.
  • The Roll Call/crossing of the stage will be live streamed and aired on all the same social media, You Tube, and IRE TV as the formal ceremony was earlier in the day.
  • Each graduate may have only one vehicle in the roll call parade, and again only the graduate may leave the vehicle. No trailers will be allowed due to the sharp turns necessary to maneuver while entering and exiting the stadium track.
  • The staging area for all vehicles will be through traffic patterns established by law enforcement within the large student parking lots on the main campus, before crossing 17th Street to enter The Citrus Bowl Stadium area.
  • The long line of traffic moving from the main campus parking lots to the Citrus Bowl track will all be directed by law enforcement controlling the traffic lights, and helping to ensure the safe movement of vehicles.
  • For the live stream filming, the stage will be set along the edge of the track, facing the home side press booth where the cameras will film from.
  • Graduates will need a driver other than themselves since the line of cars will drive onto the track and each car will drop their graduate off at the stage ramp entrance, while family members etc. remain in the vehicle to take pictures as their graduate crosses the stage, and then pick their graduate back up at the exit ramp of the stage, and cars will then be directed out of the stadium.
  • It will be first come first served for the graduation roll call parade line of vehicles running, beginning at 5PM and everyone must be in line by no later than 9PM that evening.
  • Since there will be a “random order” (first come first served) crossing the stage, diplomas will be distributed after graduation from our front office any time on any weekday, between 8AM and 2PM. We encourage you to decorate your cars for the roll call parade into the stadium.

**Also, stoles and cords for AP, Honors, Dual enrollment and the Advance scholar (combination of AP and dual enrollment) will be distributed on a no contact drive thru distribution next week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday by last name alphabet, and the schedule of times is posted now on our school website.

***I will place calls to families for the rest of the particulars about where to enter the parking lots to line up for the drive through Roll Call (crossing of the stage) once I have that traffic pattern provided to me by law enforcement on Monday. This will be sent out Monday the 6th along with a map posted on our school website.