Students are NOT permitted to carry medications on their person. This includes prescription and over the counter drugs (Tylenol, cough drops and eye drops are examples of over the counter drugs). The only exception to this rule is for students who carry a metered dose inhaler or epipen kit AND have a permission form signed by their parent and physician. Medication should be brought to school only if it is necessary to give the medication during school hours. Parents should seek medical attention for their child if a health condition requires the use of over the counter medication at school for 3 days. School board policy indicates that:

  • Medication must be brought to school by an adult.
  • A written permission form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Medication must be brought to school in its original container.
  • Medicines and treatments considered outside medical protocols as established by the Health Department such as aloe for burns, meat tenderizer for bee stings, etc. require a physician’s note.
  • All medications will be dispensed in the school Clinic unless a specific individual need is being addressed. Accommodations must be approved by the school administrator.