Application & Clearance

Vero Beach High School

Sports 2023-2024

Application & Clearance 2023-2024

To be eligible to try out for sports in 2023-2024, complete the steps below.
Allow for 2-3 weeks to complete this entire process.
Click HERE for the PDF version of the steps below.

Visit or contact the Athletic Secretary in the Front Office with any questions or concerns at 


Create an account or add a new sport(s) for the year 2023-2024 at for ALL sports you’re interested in playing. This will allow you the possibility to be cleared for all sports at the same time. Click here for detailed directions. Note that the FHSAA requires a 2.0+ GPA at the end of a semester to be eligible for the next semester.


Complete and upload the NEW FHSAA EL2 Athletic Physical Form to your Athletic Clearance account. All parties must sign and date the form – athlete, parent, and doctor. Schedule an appointment with your doctor before your Athletic Physical expires!


Register or sign-in at and complete the three video courses on Concussion, Heat Illness, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. You will have to select the state of Florida and order the courses, but they are FREE. Download or screenshot the completion certificates and upload them to the FILES bubble of your Athletic Clearance account.

STEP 4: ATHLETIC FEE – Pay to Participate

Pay the one-time annual fee of $85 online. This one-time fee covers ALL sports for the 2023-2024 school year. Once you have paid, visit the Athletic Department, with your current student ID, to receive your sticker to get into Home Games for FREE! (This excludes Home Football Games.)

STEP 5: ATHLETIC QUESTIONNAIRE (VBHS Transfer Students & Non-VBHS Students)

If you transferred to VBHS OR do not attend VBHS, complete the VBHS Athletic Questionnaire and upload the appropriate documents below.

VBHS Transfer Students (transferred over 2023 summer or during 2023-2024 school year): GA4
Charter Students (Traditional): GA4, NTSP, Transcripts, EL14 (if applicable)
Charter Students (International): GA4, NTSP, Transcripts, EL4 (& additional files), EL14 (if applicable)
FLVS Full Time Students (not registered as Home-Schooled): GA4, NTSP, Transcripts, EL14 (if applicable)
Home-Schooled Students (registered with SDIRC): GA4, EL7, EL7V, Transcripts, EL14 (if applicable)


You will NOT BE ELIGIBLE to participate in tryouts and / or the first official day of practice until your Athletic Clearance account status for the specified sport reads “Cleared” or “Practice Only.” Allow for 2-3 weeks to receive this confirmation email. Otherwise, login to Athletic Clearance, click the three lines in the top left corner, click My Clearances, scroll down to the desired sport and scroll over to view the status.