Damien Kelly Visits VBHS

Damien Kelly, Executive Director Office of Safe Schools, Visited VBHS

Mr. Damien Kelly, Executive Director Office of Safe Schools, visited VBHS today to review our schools safety measures, including an inspecting tour of VBHS during the school day. 

As outlined by TC Palm during his district visit in August:

“The new Office of Safe Schools, and his position as its first director, were created at the Florida Department of Education by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, passed by the Legislature in the wake of the Feb. 14 Parkland shooting. This new arm of the state was given responsibility for all things school safety and security. It's charged with developing standards for school districts in all phases of emergencies, and ensuring they plan, train and prepare accordingly.” 

We thank Director Kelly for his visit and review of VBHS safety.

Damien Kelly and Officers at VBHS
Pictured: Major Milo Thornton, District Director Brian Bender, Principal Shawn O’Keefe, Assistant Superintendent Jon Teske, Florida Safety Director Damien Kelly, Sheriff Chief Jim Harpring, Sargent Ross Partee, Sargent David Bailey, VBHS SRO Sebris, VBHS SRO Snowhill.