Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Student Drop Off and Pick Up
Posted on 08/09/2023
School Aerial MapWe are having some traffic issues in the morning and afternoon.
To remedy this, we are requesting that different grade levels drop off and pick up students now at different locations which will lessen traffic and shorten your time in line.
We have signs at these locations and have shared an aerial view of the locations on parent and student Focus accounts in the news section, on our school website, as well as on social media; Facebook and Twitter.

At the Freshmen Learning Center: We ask that by last name alphabet A-M drops of and picks up off of 14th avenue or at the back of the school, and N-Z drops off and picks up at the front entrance.
For Sophomores: Please drop off and pickup students, on 14th street entering from 20th avenue. This is the short road that runs along our baseball fields. There, please drop your student off at the open gate where the security person is in the yellow security shirt, and there is a covered pedestrian path there that leads directly into campus. 
For Juniors, please drop of and pick up in front of the administration building.
For Seniors, please drop off and pickup in front of the Witt Gym.